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12 Years of James Last Radio shows on Popmundial, 2010-2022, rec. live Feb 1st, 2022

February 02, 2022 Joachim Bohne
Popmondial Radio Paris - Popmundial.com
12 Years of James Last Radio shows on Popmundial, 2010-2022, rec. live Feb 1st, 2022
Show Notes

Welcome to a special anniversary show !

On Feb 1st, 2010 Popmundial radio started what is until now unique: playing up to 8 hours a day of James Last music on radio. The first ever shows are online here, too; but this is the 13th anniversary.

from Beat to Sweet, Classical Music to Rock !

Recorded live on Feb 1st, 2022 , taken from a 3 hour session between 10pm to 1am Paris in a condensed James last only version. There were pop songs played between for for the live radio show, which I erased for this special edit:
In 44.8 kHz/digital stereo

Trailer 2010 with exclusic footage
Memories Are Made of This \Die Schoensten Melodien der letzten 100 Jahre
Dirty Town\Happening
Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye\Live In Europe [Disc 2]
Lay Lady Lay\The America Album
Teddybjörnen Fredriksson\James Last In Scandinavia (1971)
Spanish Eyes\Jahrhundert Melodien
Little Green Apples -Tom Jones\They Call Me Hansi
Sunset At Flamingo Park\James Last In Concert
Rainy Days - Ce Sera\Non Stop Dancing 1972 (13)
He's Gonna Step in - Tweedle Dee - Spanish Harlem\Non Stop Dancing 1972 (13)
Never Ending Song Of Love - Butterfly\Non Stop Dancing 1972 (13)
Trailer: Original James Last Radio Trailer based upon "Die Welt braucht Liebe"
Main Theme\Warum Männer Nicht Zuhören Und Frauen... (James Last Soundtrack)
La Cucaracha\Macarena
Take A Chance On Me\James Last Plays Abba
Moon River\Jahrhundert Melodien
Oye Mi Canto\Macarena
Aloha Oe\James Last And Friends
Scotland The Brave\James Last In Scotland
Die Welt braucht Liebe - Trailer
Swing Party\Helmut Zacharias-Quartett, Hans Last (bass)
Wedding Bell Blues\The America Album
Boogie Oogie Oogie\New Non Stop Dancing '79
Fernando\James Last Plays Abba
Ein Korn im Bettfeld  (Heinz Reincke - voc) Nach Hause gehn wir nicht\Sing Mit 5
Amboss Polka - opener 2 fast\Freddy Live
Grenzenloses Himmelblau
Ballad of John and Yoko - Count Down\Non Stop Dancing 9
Ballad Of Easy Rider (Complete Version)\The America Album
Sekai Wa Futari No Tameni\Sekai Wa Futari No Tameni (1968)
Medley from ...\NonStop Dancin 1965
Rum And Coca-Cola|Quando Quan\Non Stop Evergreens
Polka-Polka\Wir Spielen Wieder Polka
Grenzeloses Himmelblau\Grenzenloses Himmelblau
Hey Willy - Tap Turns on the Water - 10 Bananas\Non Stop Dancing 1972 (13)
Fantasie Nr. 1 D-Moll KV397\Spielt Mozart
Jumping Jack Flash - Harper Valley PTA\Non Stop Dancing 7
Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? - live\Gentleman Of Music CD [Disc 2]

Production, music editor: D.Joe Bohne
recorded live at Bad Oeynhausen
Studio Büroservice U. Sonntag
note many tracks are not available commercially anymore, were transferred analogue to digital by Popmundial Radio

3 tracks of this show we partially recorded in the borough of Bad Oeynhausen...: guess which ?

Him  looking back at 2010 ...me, Yours Truely Joe, the producer and owner of Popmundial Radio, must state that the interest on James Last music was big in the first years. But 2020 roughly I realise a decline in listeners; today it even is proofred that I am loosing listeners with this kind of music. Well many fans died. Nevertheless I KEEP UP THE LEGACY OF MY DEAR FRIEND "CAPTAIN JAMES", his music is great, his arrangements even better his name may fade away - but his music lives one. Popmundial keeps on playing it daily !