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Showtime #5/2021: Beat, Rock and Politics in the former GDR (presented in German)

April 26, 2021 Joachim Bohne
Popmundial Radio London
Showtime #5/2021: Beat, Rock and Politics in the former GDR (presented in German)
Show Notes

The former GDR was an island of dreams, reflecting on the lyrics put into music. Each line of the lyrics, each word had a double meaning.

It was a reach out for freedom with music; The government and officials soon realised this and found strict reglementations, restricting the bands.

This show, presented by Yours Truly, is the enhanced version of a  December 1993 short feature made at RIAS BERLIN, but broadcasted on the first day of DeutschlandRadio Kultur, January 1st, 1994.  It produced ONE MILLION POSTCARDS in response ! I´ve never have seen them !
 It was never a "West" on the "East" view, but journalistic research,
an attempt to discover what drove GDR musicians and politicians.

The 35 minute original show  had been re-worked in London and France by myself and  W1news production for Popmundial Radio. First broadcasted Easter Sunday 2010 or 2011.

This show reflects on the mis-balance between recent music developments and the communist regime.

With interviews by four great bands of the former GDR: The Francke Ecko Quintett, Renft Combo, the Pudhies and Karat.

Including rare footage from the state archive of the GDR, interviews and so far unreleased music, made for this show recordings, and also  rare live recordings from "Palast Der Republik".

By public demand presented before an overhaul for the first time as podcast in 2021. There is also a 28 minute YouTube teaser for this show released under the title: "Music Across Borders"

The English version is also available, uploaded already September 16th, 2020: